Regulatory / Utilities

The attorneys at ALG are regularly involved in proceedings before administrative agencies and have substantial experience dealing with state and federal regulatory agencies with respect to rate setting and other agency functions. The firm represents clients in contested case hearings, public meetings, rulemaking proceedings and day-to-day staff interactions as necessary to fulfill client needs. 

Within their respective areas of expertise, the members of the firm have developed a relationship with the staff of several state and federal agencies and are very familiar with not only the rules and regulations, but also the internal policies and practices of the agencies with which they routinely interact. This knowledge allows ALG to quickly and efficiently serve the needs of its clients when resolution of a problem depends on  effective advocacy at the agency level. 

As the attorneys at ALG have served in state agencies, they have an understanding of the resources and time constraints affecting public employees.  Mr. Asay, for instance, initially served with the Wyoming Public Service Commission. 

In addition to the Public Service Commission, the attorneys practice in front of the Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Quality Council, Office of State Lands and Investments/State Land Board, State Engineer/Board of Control, Wyoming Office of Administrative Hearings, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and US Environmental Protection Agency.