Landlord and Tenant Law

On any given day in Wyoming’s lower courts there are many cases tried on landlord / tenant issues. While these cases primarily relate to evictions (forcible entry and detainer), there are many other issues addressed that are often more complex. While some issues may be complex, the money involved seldom justifies the expense of a large attorney’s fee. This dynamic restricts the number of cases that work their way through the appeal process to the Supreme Court where they are publicly reported. Nevertheless, the cases are important and touch on issues that are addressed in many other venues; including, liability for injuries and property damage; disability questions and the limits of possible accommodations for disabilities, discrimination in applying for or maintaining living quarters, and even employment issues. All of these matters are addressed in the review of the landlord-tenant relationship and the interplay with the governing law in Wyoming, the Wyoming Residential Rental Property Act. The attorneys at ALG often sponsor or participate in seminars to educate the public on landlord / tenant issues. See one of our typical seminar agendas. If you have questions relating to landlord / tenant law in Wyoming, ALG may be able to help. Feel free to give us a call.